The Andy Rau Band

Americana music... an eclectic blend folk, rock and bluegrass from Southern California

an eclectic blend of folk, rock and bluegrass styles

If you are specifically interested in bluegrass music for your event you have come to the right place! The band is well versed in traditional and original bluegrass.  In the 1990's The Andy Rau Band signed and recorded two albums with Turquoise Records of Whitesburg, Kentucky, a popular bluegrass label at the time. The band toured extensively across the U.S. and Canada.  (check CREDITS page) So if bluegrass music is what you are looking for instead of our more modern Americana music we can certainly meet your needs. Check out some of our bluegrass videos on YouTube! Just CLICK HERE and view us “Live at The Coach House” and “Deering Woodroom Sessions”.