The Andy Rau Band

Americana music... an eclectic blend folk, rock and bluegrass from Southern California

an eclectic blend of folk, rock and bluegrass styles

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The Andy Rau Band's new CD Simple Man is now available!!! You can listen to songs or purchase them right here from our site.
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"Andy, as a musician who once had a music scholarship in voice and saxophone to U.O.P. ' I can honestly say The Band (and you ) nailed it with SIMPLE MAN CD. Of course the opening song hit on all 8 cylinders. The rest of the CD was awesome I'M A PRISONER, NIGHT SHIFT, and SAD SONG were excellent. I felt like I was listening to my favorite group BLUE RODEO's newest release. Thank you for the copy. Trust me; I am not being biased. It's good stuff."  -- Bill W.  Casa Grande, AZ

The Andy Rau Band performs Americana music, an eclectic blend of folk, rock and bluegrass. The band was formed in 1986 with the intent of showcasing new material, illustrating the versatility of the 5-string banjo and breaking with the conventions of folk and bluegrass. The group borrows from a wide variety of musical styles which enables each song to shape its own identity without borrowing from old tried-and-true formulas. 

The core of the group consists of lead vocalist, songwriter, banjoist, and rhythm guitarist Andy Rau, Les Johnson on harmony vocals, lead, rhythm and slide guitars and George Boravich on harmony vocals and bass. The band is often joined by Chad Edwards on keyboards, George Green on drums and Katie Oberthaler on harmony vocals and banjo.  Inventive instrumentals and thoughtful songwriting are at the heart of the band’s musical project. From the very beginning and through its continuing evolution, the Andy Rau Band’s roots in the diverse musical backdrop of Southern California have colored and characterized their unique sound and the topics of their songs.